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THE LONG DARK ROAD – ‘The Long Dark Road’ Review

THE LONG DARK ROAD – The Long Dark Road

the-long-dark-roadNearing the end of 2016, Jeremy Cavan was jobless, newly divorced,
living on his brother’s couch and in the throes of a long hiatus from his
long-term project (U) the band due to financial drain and injury. He
sold off what he had to cover student debt and afford himself a year to
write and tour. The Long Dark Road was created the day he heard Deafheaven’s Sunbather. Jeremy decided to DIY the project and recorded, engineered and mixed the self titled album.

Although the album has just four tracks, it is thirty-five minutes long and flows seamlessly from track to track of blissful music.  Opening with the epic The Tragedy Of The Commons where the band deliver almost ten minutes of melodic, powerful guitar driven hooks that simply blew me away. Reminding me somewhat of The Wedding Present the track builds and builds and offers variations on the theme channeling Bad Religion, Fugazi and adding some heavy sections, it is grand in ambition and delivery…loved it!

I Will Follow, is very different with a Nine Inch Nails vibe to begin with as the military drumming underpins some screamed/some melodic vocals. Lasting over eight minutes, the track has time to explore different approaches and adds some heavy hardcore sections,  some extremely quiet and laid back sections and some hardcore sections too…phew!

The third song, The State of Our Union is the shortest at just under seven minutes and is dominated by some monster riff work with a Killing Joke tribal feel.  The song again veers into uncharted territory bringing a melodic vocal, churning rhythm and slows down to leave with a solo bass guitar ‘outro’

The title track closes the album and The Long Dark Road does not disappoint. With some straight up punk rock in the style of Bad Religion through to a more hardcore approach and then an almost Pink Floyd section, these guys are not afraid to experiment and, as a listener, I was completely hooked as I rode the swells of the waves all the way to the shore…superb album!

The Long Dark Road is well worthy of your financial support as Cavan basically used all his funds to deliver this work of art – get it here: https://thelongdarkroad.bandcamp.com/releases