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THE LOVELY EGGS share new single “Wiggy Giggy”

THE LOVELY EGGS share new single “Wiggy Giggy”

The Lovely EggsNorthern psych-punk duo The Lovely Eggs have premiered their new single, “Wiggy Giggy”, leading up to the release of their new Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips/Mercury Rev/Tame Impala) produced album, This Is Eggland, out on 23 February on the band’s own Egg Records. “Wiggy Giggy” takes us on a cosmic odyssey where “normal” life and always “striving for more” meet something more magical! Where the grass is not always greener whatever side you look from.

The single is already receiving a tremendous response from radio and has been added to the BBC 6 Music playlist. Steve Lamacq stated, “I can’t get enough of this record at the moment,” and made it the “Lamacq livener” (where it has been played every day for a week). It went on to win Roundtable and was the most popular track on both Steve Lamacq and Marc Riley’s show on consecutive weeks. The pair will play their seventh live session for Marc Riley on Tuesday 6 February before heading out on a UK tour on 8 February, supported by Porky the Poet (AKA Phill Jupitus) and Mr Ben and The Bens. The London show at the legendary 100 Club on 16 February sold out four weeks in advance. Both their hometown show in Lancaster, which kicks off the tour, and closing show in Manchester have also sold out.

Of the single, guitarist/vocalist Holly Ross said:  It is inspired by a book we used to read to our son, about a spaceman who went off exploring other planets but every planet he went to, there was something inhospitable or wrong with it and when he landed back on planet Earth he realised that after all his cosmic travels that earth was the best place for him to live. It was pretty deep and we really identified with it. We feel the same about Lancaster where we live. It might be a shithole, but it’s OUR shithole and we love it. Not much goes on up here and there’s not much to do so it’s kind of like living in space. But we like being cosmonauts!

The Lovely Eggs are one of the most unique, innovative and genuine bands on the British Underground music scene. Heavier and more in-your-face than anything they’ve done previously, married couple Holly Ross and David Blackwell bring together a fierce DIY ethos, surreal sense of humour and kitchen-sink realism. Working with a producer for the first time, Dave Fridmann lends his magic dust to bring out the best of The Lovely Eggs’ explosive blend of motoric krautrock, 60s psychedelia and punk rock attitude, all flipped over and egged up.

Being in Lancaster has given them a unique perspective on life and the album wouldn’t have sounded the same if they were living anywhere else. As Holly explains; “Living up here in Lancaster is kind of mad. It’s a bit like the Twin Peaks of Great Britain.” The town has a rich history of the witchcraft, notoriously it was where the Pendle witches were hanged. Even today lunatic asylums are being turned into luxury flats and men are being put in prison for feeding ready meals to pigeons.

The Lovely Eggs have been selling out venues across the country without the help of management, booking agent or record label support. With a fierce D.I.Y ethos they have earned a reputation for their ferocious and joyous live shows and for Holly and David, being in a band is a way of life.

Wiggy Giggy is the second single to be taken from their forthcoming album This Is Eggland – the title being  a cheeky nod to Shane Meadows’ series, This Is England. But in a fucked up post-Brexit Britain, which has left many people feeling like they are living on an alien planet, David and Holly have assumed the throne in a new parallel universe-Eggland-a world which flies the flag for outsiders and encourages people to say a big fuck you to society’s conventions.

Since having their son in 2013, the pair have taken him on tour with them, racing round the UK with two fingers up to traditional family life firmly out of the window.

The album was self-recorded at Lancaster Musician’s Co-op (a non profit making recording studio and rehearsal rooms, where the pair met and David works) and the Eggs’ own house in Lancaster, while their three-year-old son was in bed. Dave Fridmann then produced it remotely with the band sending demos and working progress back and forth. They then went out to Dave’s Studio, Tarbox Road Studios in New York State, for the mixing process.

Heavier and more in-your-face than anything they’ve done previously, the result is a gratifyingly rich sounding record, which still retains the raw energy of the band’s sound but harnesses a real power and dynamism. As Holly says: “It’s pretty relentless. It kind of sounds like a chip shop on fire. We still write about everyday life and the stuff that goes on in our world, it’s just the new album is more fierce and really tells it like it is.”

This Is Eggland is a giant leap forward in their wild-ride of a career. Unashamed to be themselves and have fun while they’re at it, The Lovely Eggs weave an intoxicatingly magnetic magic spell and we’re helplessly and willingly falling under it. This is Eggland! Welcome to their world!




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