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THE LOVELY EGGS – ‘This Is Eggland’ Album Review

THE LOVELY EGGS – This Is Eggland

The Lovely EggsNorthern psychedelic punks The Lovely Eggs return with a mind-melting new album: This Is Eggland that will hit the street on February 23rd. The album title This is Eggland is a cheeky nod to Shane Meadows’ series, This Is England. It is a comment on the current state of the country, with The Lovely Eggs encouraging people to build their own worlds and create their own reality in these troubled times.

From the left speaker/right speaker/left speaker echoed vocals of Hello I Am Your Sun I’m hooked. The melodic female vocals are matched with an aggressive dirty guitar riff, pounding drums and synthesizer crackles and pops – it is a majestic opening track. With no time to pause, the vocal effects continue with Wiggy Giggy, a song that starts like Goldfrapp and builds into a pounding punk rocker.

The band has also remained in their hometown of Lancaster, despite its cultural and geographical isolation.  The band state that “Being in Lancaster has given them a unique perspective on life and the album wouldn’t have sounded the same if they were living anywhere else.” As Holly explains; “Living up here in Lancaster is kind of mad. It’s a bit like the Twin Peaks of Great Britain.”  The town has a rich history of the witchcraft, notoriously it was where the Pendle witches were hanged. Even today lunatic asylums are being turned into luxury flats and men are being put in prison for feeding ready meals to pigeons.

The 1970s Glitter Band like introduction to Dickhead is soon replaced with a manic punk rock section before interspersing the two approaches throughout. The follow up is the Fall Style opening to I Shouldn’t Have Said That where the band deliver some of the dirtiest riffs heard for decades.! On Return Of Witchcraft The Lovely Eggs blend that grungy guitar with a soaring synthesizer, fast-paced drums and echo infused female vocals all delivered with some serious momentum. On I m With You, the band deliver a simply magnificent melodic rocking and rolling classic replete with kazoo middle eight J

The 7th song of the eleven is Repeat It where the lyrics are, ahem, repeated and the music gritty yet soaring. A second mention of black magic on Witchcraft melds some real dirty riffs with spoken/sung lead vocals with the entire package blending The Fall, Dinosaur Jr. and The Stone Roses!

The Lovely Eggs are relentless in delivering fuzzed out songs that ooze melody in a Jesus & Mary Chain type way as they do with Big Sea and the “add-ons” such as the keyboard runs are like the icing on the cake. There is some seriously great songwriting on display throughout. The plodding introduction to the penultimate track, Let Me Observe creates a slightly disconcerting and eerie feel that plays well with the innocent sounding vocals.

The album ends with a rocking Would You Fuck romp with a distinct northern accent to the lead vocal. I’m left breathless, in awe and with a smile from ear to ear!

The Lovely Eggs are unique, unashamed to be themselves and have fun while they’re at it. They are spellbinding, raw yet accessible and a must add to anyone who likes their music full of energy and creativity.

Check these folks out here: http://www.thelovelyeggs.co.uk/