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THE LYNCH – ‘Everything Ends’ Review

THE LYNCH – Everything Ends

The LynchThe Lynch are a Turkish band from Istanbul. Their new album, Everything Ends is out and can be downloaded on the Bandcamp link below and is available on Spotify. This album, which was prepared in six months, was recorded live in three hours with completely old-fashioned methods and analogue instruments.

The opening song Enter The Void is sixty-two seconds of ambient keyboard sounds and leads into the lengthy Lose You with wailing guitars, slow and repetitive bass lines and a goth/horror punk vocal laid on top.

Your Hair maintains the off-kilter guitars that scream and screech as the slow drums, big bass lines and distant reverb filled deep voice all create a Sisters Of Mercy played at half-speed atmosphere and the six-minute plus Sighopens with a prominent bass line that sets the plodding pace and supports those screaming guitar licks and gothic vocals veering into sludgy territory.

Almost all of the songs are over five-minutes in length allowing the monotonous bass guitar time to set the direction as on the instrumental Delay and Apples and Daisies with, the by now, signature approach of the band of slow, precise bass lines, slow drums guitar licks supporting a ‘back in the mix’ goth vocal…it’s compelling and the introduction of some riffs add to the intrigue.

Faster bass lines on She Decided sets up a pacier goth-punk rocker with echo-infused guitars slightly out of tune adding to the mystery before Everything That Stands ushers in with layers of feedback, big chords and a precise slow beat with spoken/sung deep vocals joining in. The penultimate track of the ten is Recall, an almost seven-minute slow burner with slightly more up-front vocals and ominous bass and lead guitar accompaniments crafting a creepy atmosphere.

The album concludes with The Loss Of Silence and The Lynch wrap their approach into a six-minute package as the guitars struggle for tune and the bass doesn’t stray from its path as the instrumental descends into synthesiser bleeps and blips to see us out.

This one is different with some hints at early goth-rock but with sludge elements and artsy edges.

You can get Everything Ends by The Lynch here:-


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