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THE MIGRAINES – ‘Young, Gifted And Fast’ Review

THE MIGRAINES – Young, Gifted And Fast

The MigrainesHailing from Bristol and London, The Migraines just dropped a really cool album called Young, Gifted and Fast in the vein of old school hardcore skatepunk and scum punk.

The instrumental Intro sets up the tone with a fast and tight punk rocker with the follow up, Shred, a true two by four to the skull. The Migraines display some complex math-punk approaches reminding me of Metz and the Idles with a slight Art Brut approach to the vocals. The track is massive with some excellent vocal work throughout. The following song comprising 36 seconds of I Don’t Want To Eat Pizza are about as chaotic as you can imagine with nod towards fellow Bristolian punks, Disorder.

Fist Bump clocks in at just over a minute and the Fugazi vibe really helps to juxtapose with the fast paced hardcore punk sections. The twelve track album is full of short, sharp jabs with most tracks sub-two minutes in length and One For The Universe is a superb hardcore punk rock powerhouse with monster riffs, brilliant drumming and screamed vocals.

Apolitical maintains the momentum, the complexity of interplay of the instruments and the sheer raw power of the band and it is followed by the most surprising intro to Scat Song where jazzy rhythms and vocals meet aggressive hardcore sections…it’s strange for sure but, it works!

The eighth track of the twelve begins with a fast and heavy bass introduction and then Sex Offender develops into a heavy track with the bass prominent throughout as the vocals scream dripping with angst and anxiety. The Migraines display their sense of humor on Chica Senorita with energy and irony whilst the 58 seconds of Execution begins with some messing about before the band display land speed record playing.

The penultimate song, Transport Pigs, is one of the longest on the album and I am, once again reminded of Disorder and Chaos UK as The Migraines go full on UK82 punk rock before a weird “clappy” drunken ending! The album ends with Pussies and it is a corker of a punk rock song with nihilist lyrics, mellow guitar interludes and sheer aggression.

This is a great punk rock album. Check out Young, Gifted And Fast by The Migraines here:




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