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THE MOR(R)ONS – ‘Yin Punk’ Review

THE MOR(R)ONS - Yin PunkThe Mor(R)ons are a four-piece band from Slovakia who play a fast, melodic style of skate punk and incorporate all that is great about the genre.

Fans of skate punk, be it the classics or the revival, will love Yin Punk, the follow up to 2012’s ‘Down The Sunnyside Lane.

In under 35 minutes, The Mor(R)ons crash through 14 songs, most of which stick to classic pop-punk riffs – although they do occasionally stray into a harsher, more aggressive sound.

With lyrics keenly focusing on youth, frivolity and a love for punk, The Mor(R)ons take a well-trodden path and add their own zest, with each track bursting with energy.

Opener ‘Break My Fall’ is immediately reminiscent of the classics of the genre, with rapid drumming, thrash guitars and vocals that never let up.

The obligatory skateboarding song comes in the form of ‘360 Punkflip’, the most diverse track on the album. Starting slow on an acoustic and then a bluesy guitar, the track soon slams into a ripping punk track, finishing with a killer guitar solo.

Stand-out track ‘One Thousand And One’ rages against the money-making schemes of bands (“Are you in it for the money or doing what you love”), with the kind of anthemic chorus that can set rooms alight.

More than anything, Yin Punk really showcases the talents of all four band members, with some superb solos packed in to short, punchy songs that really get to the heart and soul of skate punk.

With songs as tight and well-produced as this, The Mor(R)ons are a band worth exploring and Yin Punk is a great place to start.

Yin Punk is available here –

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Track Listing

  1. Break My Fall
  2. Out of Focus
  3. Foam
  4. Office Blowjob
  5. 360 Punkflip
  6. Deaf Dumb
  7. Taking Back the Music
  8. One Thousand and One
  9. Heroes of the Headlines
  10. How Flow Can You Go?
  11. Dig
  12. The Part
  13. Pretty Dreams
  14. Return


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