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new-frustrationsThe New Frustrations formed in 2006. Former members of the 90s Boston band The Johnnies (Tim and Brian) added Rick (Seattle band Soda Jerk, The Cryptones) and Tom (El Bufadoro) and became The New Frustrations.

The band blends 70s punk, power pop with a Boston Rock edge. The band hails from just south of Boston – Plymouth, MA the new E.P, Dee Bacle, sees them return to recording after a two-year hiatus.

Dee Bacle was released in December last year on BandCamp and is available for download and on a limited edition CD. It has picked up some significant local radio play and it is clear why The New Frustrations are growing in popularity. From the opening chords of Radio Generation I’m transported to early Charlie Harper and the U.K. Subs with an injection of fellow Boston rockers, The Cars. The song is just one long melodious hook infested rock and roll classic with a feel good vibe.

Right As Rain is the second song of the four and delves a little deeper into pre-punk glam rock in the vein of The Sweet or maybe early Elvis Costello. The New Frustrations have a knack for crafting perfect three minute pop/punk/rock songs with a hint of rawness adding to the overall energy.

The third song, Not Anymore has a little bit more of an edge with the lyrics focused on a broken relationship and the backing vocals and dirty guitar sound just pushing it a bit more punk than pop – there’s a stellar guitar solo to wrap your ears around as well!

Rounding out the E.P. is Too Scared To Kiss You where the pace is quickened without losing the accessibility of the melody and pop-infused package. It’s short, sweet and shameless pop/punk rock.


Check out the E.P. here: https://thenewfrustrations.bandcamp.com/album/dee-bacle