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THE NIGHTMARE POLICE – ‘Losing The Light’ EP Review


nightmare-policeHailing from Long Island, The Nightmare Police are on a mission to bring light from the darkness. Hitting on relatable topics such as youth, drinking, loss and addiction, their infectious tunes leave a feeling of nostalgia and self-reflection.

Citing influences from Alkaline Trio to Fall Out Boy, The Nightmare Police create a series of punk anthems filled with catchy melodies and driving guitar riffs.

Their second EP, Losing The Light, is set to be released worldwide on June 9th. Opening with Taking Hold the band display an emo-style approach with power chords and vocals dripping with screamed emotion. On Medicine Cabinet they display a knack for crafting a strong melody with changes intra-song that add a layer of complexity and hook to the song. The catchy chorus holds the whole thing together and helps the song hit all of the right spots…good stuff!

The third track of the five on the EP, Transitions, begins with a relatively mellow introduction but then launches at an incredible pace with some excellent drumming only to be punctuated by a slower chorus with majestic vocals. Whoa reminded me a little of Gaslight Anthem but with a punkier edge and the package is wrapped up with Where Were You? where The Nightmare Police showcase some math-punk rhythmic approach before veering into a full-on emo/My Chemical Romance style effort.

If you like your punk in the style of Alkaline Trio the you must check out The Nightmare Police. The EP, Losing The Light, is available here:-




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