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THE OLD FIRM CASUALS – ‘Wartime Rock ‘n’ Roll’ EP Review

THE OLD FIRM CASUALS – Wartime Rock ‘n’ Roll

old-firm-casualsThe Old Firm Casuals formed in 2010 and the San Francisco street punkers have built a very loyal following. Interestingly this is a special release from Rebellion Records because for the very first time in the label’s history the A-side will carry all the music, while the B-side will contain a beautiful etch!

 Wartime Rock ‘n’ Roll is a four song EP (with a 5th bonus track) and begins the fight with Hell’s A Lot Better where a chunky rhythm accompanies a rabble-rousing vocal reminiscent of AC DC’s Bon Scott. The song is laden with hooks and some ‘fists in the air and stomp your boots’ T-Rex sounds.

Sex Case significantly ups the tempo in a full frontal Cockney Rejects style romp whilst 1312 offers a blend of the first two efforts and adds a terrific group vocal chorus to produce one of the strongest efforts of the five on display.

With the title track, Wartime Rock ‘N’ Roll clocking in at almost five minutes, The Old Firm Casuals are able to showcase their songwriting chops with an excellent and powerful ballad style rocker. It’s chock full of hooks and licks and, for me, one of the strongest tracks of 2017 that I have heard to date.

With the bonus track (on the CD), Sanctuary Cit adding a raw, sub-two minute blast to the EP, The Old Firm Casuals close out a strong addition to their catalog that takes skinhead driven punk-rock to new heights. It’s well worth you adding to your street punk rock collection.

Check it out here:  https://www.rebellionshop.com/old-firm-casuals-the-wartime-rock-n-roll-cd-digipack-5-tracks-pre-order-20-03-17.html

Track Listing

  1. Hell’s a Lot Better
  2. Sex Case
  3. 1312
  4. Wartime Rock’n’Roll
  5. Sanctuary Cit