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THE OVERJOYED – ‘Aced Out’ Album Review


The OverjoyedThe Overjoyed are from Athens, Greece. They just released their second full-length album titled Aced Outvia Cannonball Music, Nasty Cut Records and Keep It A Secret Records.

The ten-track album opens with the eighty-nine seconds of Big Red Rocket Ship where the band channel some early Buzzcocks and add a harder edge with careening riffs and melodic vocals and no shortage of pace and power!

The title track, Aced Out kicks off with some vocals before a booming bass guitar launches a 300mph pop-punk masterpiece with elements of Green Day and Sum 41 as the vocals are set against fast serrated guitar riffs and a strong, pacey beat. The Overjoyed bring singalong group choruses and tempo changes into their songs with the fast #Beach emulating the Ramones punching with big hooks, quick licks and melodic vocals joining in with the super tight rhythm section and She Has Everything is more mid-paced yet full of melody and punch!

Strays On A Leash is a skate-punk roller coaster of a ride with stop/start sections leading to accelerated segments and big riff rocking bits as well…it’s anarchic and damn good fun and the lengthy Broken Trampoline is dominated by a Stiff Little Fingers-esque guitar lick, pummelling drums and huge harmonies on the chorus and a restrained slower middle-eight for good company!

With Something’s Undone the band explore a reggae beat before serrated riffs takeover and the track builds to a pop-punk anthem of the highest quality – these folks are good and Defanged is another four-minute plus track that rocks and rolls with fast-paced 8-bar blues and a composition that Billy Joel would be proud of!!!

The ninth track, Ode To 3.5mm Minijack is a rambunctious instrumental with big riffs, strong beats and leads to Is Unresponsive (Featuring Orfeas P.) where the vocals mix melodic with more gravelly/punkier approaches and the drums dominate supported by big bass guitar and some serious shredding!

Great punk with a melodic poppy edge that we just couldn’t get enough of – we think you’ll agree!!!


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