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THE PAPASHANGOS – ‘Just The Tip’ EP Review


The PapashangosBolton, UK based band The Papashangos have recently released their Just The Tip EP. The bands self-depreciating sense of humour wrung a few smiles out of the grizzled veterans here at towers:

“…having anything to do with them would be a terrible idea, as they’re awful.”

“They make a ludicrous racket and leave a bloody mess. The lead singer is the worst offender.”

and from, Rob, punk promoter, Scarborough:

“They arrived late, altered the desk and frightened the audience AND the headliners. Never again!” J


The EP itself has six small (ten seconds or less) spoken clips and five punk rock tracks. The first song, We Are….is a riotous thirty-four seconds of noise whereas the next song, Eating People Is Wrong is a garage punk effort with some hooks and melody wrapped in an aggressive powerful package – good stuff!

After another Interstitial, we are treated to I Wanna Get Fucked Up with some Sham 69 meets the MC5, Oi! meets garage punk vibes – the track shows that the band can pen a rollicking punk rock tune! The Poncho Song is more mid-paced with some sweet melody and a pop-punk approach.

The last song on the EP is the head-banging, mosh-pit friendly Wasting My Life Away with a chant-along chorus, booming bass line and UK Subs like punk atmosphere. Ending with a quick spoken word clip, The Papashangos deliver a raucous EP full of fun, clever humour and some great dirty punk rock and roll – grab a listen here:




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