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THE PATIENT – ‘Unite as One’ Album Review

THE PATIENT – Unite as One

the-patientOpening with a bunch of disparate voices coming together to chant “Unite as One”, The Patient launch into an “in your face” Gallows style vocals over some serious and aggressive punk rock. This is all out hardcore and is followed by the excellent Bow to Me that maintains the momentum and adds some vocal interplay between two front-men backed by some impressive work by the band.

The album is due out October 14 on iTunes and Bandcamp. The Patient hail from Melbourne, Australia and the album is aggressive, well played and produced with the third track, Loyalty, one of the stand-out efforts – bottled up anger released in a torrent of screamed vocals, timing changes and sheer power– phew!

Search for Gold increases the pace (the drums are excellent throughout and well forward in the mix) and adds a chorus of full band vocals and some clever guitar licks. Halfway through the ten-track album comes the song Detox another relentless mix of power, aggression and anger that surprises as the speedy approach gives way to a churning and chugging ending. Another stand out track is Accept My Insanity where a marvelous riff sucks you in and had me solo moshing around the room as the Discharge style dirty bass demands you to move.

Voices simply assaults your ears and batters you into submission and, as you crawl off the floor Time is Our Possession punches you repeatedly in the gut with some great dual vocals and I’m reminded a little of Black Flag in terms of the sheer power of the band although that Gallows reference is the one that sticks throughout.

The debut album ends with, the appropriately titled Exit. There is something almost anthem-like as the bass guitar starts heavy and the band hurl their venom at someone with a “bullshit attitude” – I am left breathless and emotionally spent – these boys can rock!

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