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THE PEARL HARTS – ‘Glitter and Spit’ Album Review

THE PEARL HARTS – Glitter and Spit

The Pearl HartsGlitter and Spit is the highly anticipated debut album by rock duo The Pearl Harts; twelve energetic songs packed with hooks, riffs and messages of positivity, strength and empowerment.

The album opens with a dirty blues guitar riff, interchanging vocals of the two female band-mates and Black Blood reminded me of the Los Angeles duo, Deap Valley.

The band claim influences such as Black Sabbath, Fleetwood Mac and The Distillers but they have also been compared to bands such as Rage Against the Machine and the Beastie Boys for their attitude and grit. For me, there is more Royal Blood in their sound and this is evident on Go Hard with its pounding drums and big guitars supporting a big vocal performance. You’d have to have no soul to not be moved by the sound these two create and I would place a bet that they will get for feet moving and head banging in no time. The cascading rhythms and guitar of The Rush lure you in before the excellent Lara (SL Edit) delivers a punk rock song that the 1980s Mickey should have been J

On Bonfires, the twosome slow things down and produce a super vocal performance over a mid-paced and powerful backing.  Lost In Time continues to showcase the great songwriting as the melodic opening and intertwining vocals create a shoegaze vibe that burrows its way into your brain and just lodges there – I really enjoyed this change of approach.

The next song, The Chief starts with a monster guitar riff, pounding drums and a bluesy punk feel that brings back those Deap Valley comparisons and it leads onto a slightly slower Skeleton Made Of Diamonds with its pulsating approach. The chunkier Hit The Bottle ups the energy levels and has some super sections of spiraling music that the whole office loved. The Pearl Hearts continue to show their variety on Bless You with a poppier approach although they do not give up on the hooks and power.

The second to last song, Living’s Done, showcases a great vocal over a bouncy backing. The five-minute closer, Hurt. With some complex math-punk drumming and foreboding guitar sounds leading to a funky rocker I have to say that the entire package is truly terrific.

Check out The Pearl Harts and where to get yourself a copy of Glitter and Spit here: https://www.thepearlharts.com/