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THE PHOSPHORUS BOMBS – ‘Blank Slates’ EP Review


Phosphorus BombsSydney skate/Hardcore punkers The Phosphorus Bombs have just launched a new EP titled Blank Slates, and these five blistering tracks are something to behold.

The chunky chords that introduce the opening track A Bruise are simply the set up for an all-out assault on the senses with a scorching and technically excellent punk rock track. The anger and power that are exposed on the excellent Blank Slate manage to blend a skate-punk melody with some Black Flag like hardcore and it is a mesmerizing combination!

On the eighty-two seconds of Drugpig, The Phosphorous Bombs significantly increase the pace and momentum with a raucous rocker interspersed with some fast solos.

The penultimate song, Overdue clocks in at two minutes and twenty seven seconds but that just sets up the band to deliver some great sections of rhythmic punk that mingle with aggressive, fact-paced segments. This one seriously rocks!

Closing with Your Irreverance, the band seal the deal on an absolutely incandescent release with an agonized scream releasing some of the fastest, tightest and aggressive punk rock of the year…wow!!!

Grab a listen to Blank Slates by The Phosphorous Bombs here:




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