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THE PHOSPHORUS BOMBS – ‘Cancers’ Album Review


phosphorus-bombsOver the past 2.5 years, Sydney-based skate punkers The Phosphorus Bombs have released two well received EPs. They have spent the last year working on their debut full length Cancers, that was self-produced by the band and recorded by guitarist Michael Sale, with the finishing touches provided by Bill Stevenson’s Blasting Room with Jason Livermore (Propagandhi, Descendents, NOFX, Rise Against).

The album was just released on July 27th and opens with Hitchhiker which sets a blistering pace with some Rudimentary Style vocals, Oi group chants and chunky chords driving a powerhouse of a song.

We Remain puts the pedal to the metal with a 90 second punk rock romp that is full of power, pace without forsaking the hooks and melody. On Lethe The Phosphorus Bombs simply tear it up with a ferocious effort, some great musicianship and strong vocals combine to produce a corker of a song!

The songs are fast, short and strong throughout with All Punks Welcome another track under two minutes in length but with enough twists and turns to be intriguing throughout – boy these folks are tight! Piss Stained Cuff takes the interplay of vocals of various band members and layers them on top of some monster punk rock riffs – I was exhausted listening to this one!

On Only Once The Phosphorous Bombs combine a Black Flag Style verse with a melodic chorus approach – it works! The title track Cancers has an angrier tone and simply blows out the eardrums…like standing on the top of a mountain in a hurricane. The album is full of on fire breathing tracks with Tommy Has A Plan (That’s A Compliment) channeling the Toy Dolls on speed and And Left producing some of the fastest drumming I’ve heard in years!

Closing with Apples & Trees The Phosphorous Bombs deliver the longest track on the album with a skate-punk 100mph riff and some super vocals full of melody ….I need to lie down now!

Make up your own minds and listen to Cancers right here:




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