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THE PLEASURE ROUTINE – ‘Sugar Mountain’ Review

pleasure-routineOpening with a slow drumbeat and casually strummed chords, The Pleasure Routine kick in with some cracking vocals and it’s clear that this is going to be a good listen. The track Ruins even introduces some organ work to compliment the atmospheric Galaxie 500 style sound. It’s sparse yet powerful and I was hooked!

You can purchase cassettes and download the highest quality audio direct from the group’s Bandcamp page. This debut album from the Oakland, California band is a very strong one. There’s a great variety both in the male/female vocal interaction and the action sounds they produce. After the ‘shoegaze’ of the opening track, Wolves & Eyes has a 60’s Motown vibe as it waltzes along.

On Wires, a bluesy harmonica led intro showcases the talent and versatility of the band and I was reminded a little of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. It builds to a crescendo with some psychedelic fuzzy guitar and it’s bloody great!

Title track Sugar Mountain is a more upbeat poppy track that would not be out of place on a Kaiser Chiefs album – the album continually and pleasantly surprises.

Worndrobe returns to the slower paced, dual vocal, Jesus & Mary Chain style and, for me, this is where the band are at their strongest using the space created by the production of Ricky Maymi (Brian Jonestown Massacre) and Greg Ashley (Gris Gris), and the mastering by Michael Romanowski (!!!) to confidently draw in the listener – this is the album to listen to after you’ve moshed yourself silly to Discharge the night before.

There is not a duff track in the entire nine song set with the penultimate effort Walk the dog (backwards) a true psychedelic punk classic and the closing song Young Lover returning to the Nick Cave vibe…One of the more accomplished and refreshing albums we’ve heard this year…do yourself a favour and get some pleasure in your routine listening!

Stumpy – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Ruins
  2. Wolves and Eyes
  3. Wires
  4. Sugar Mountain
  5. Worndrobe
  6. Two Artists
  7. Me, the Narcissist
  8. Walk the Dog (Backwards)
  9. Young Lover


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