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THE QUEERS – ‘Punk Rock Confidential Revisited’ Album Review

THE QUEERS – Punk Rock Confidential Revisited

The QueersNone other than the legendary US punk rock band, The Queers, have picked Monster Zero for the re-release of their ’98 classic Punk Rock Confidential Revisited.

Recorded all over again and including two new songs, the album opens with Tamara Is A Punk and, as the title suggests, there is a hint of the Ramones but with a tongue in cheek Beach Boys style vocal. The songs are melodic, fast and manage to meld 1960s surf-pop with punk rock attitude as exemplified on Everything’s OK and, even when the band speed things up as they do on Didn’t Puke, the Ramones influence is prominent.

The sixteen songs on the album allow the band to showcase their mid-paced sugary pop punk on songs like Mrs Brown You’ve Got An Ugly Daughter and The Sun Always Shines Around You. On Beat Your Heart Out I was reminded of The Undertones whereas the title track, Punk Rock Confidential is a bluesy rocker with humorous lyrics and a pounding beat. Today I Fell In Love maintains the mid-paced pop-punk vibe with melodic vocals, fuzzed out guitars and those ‘kitchen sink’ lyrics whilst Everyday Girl is a lengthier ballad dripping with saccharine melodies.

The sub-two minute Motherfucker is more aggressive, faster in the vein of the Ramones in their pacier moments with the follow-up, Like A Parasite maintaining the pace but with that poppier sound that runs through the album. Both Idiot Savant and Enjoy Being A Boy show a slightly more psychedelic punk vibe whereas Don’t Mess It Up blends the pop-punk-psychedelic elements of the entire album into one package.

The penultimate song, Sayonara Sucker has a fresh approach with some guitar licks prominent and a cleaner production leading to the closer, PRC Revisited a ballad where the vocals are supported by a fuzzy guitar – good stuff.

If you like your punk in the melodic and fuzzy mode, The Queers are for you!

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