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THE RAMONAS – ‘First World Problems’ Album Review

THE RAMONAS – First World Problems

The RamonasOK, full confession up-front, we love The Ramonas here at and the anticipation was at an all time high as we unpacked their debut album that is due for release on September 10th. Opening with the U.K.Subs-esque 2.0.16 (fuck this) attacks the abomination that is Donald Trump with some neat clips of his most arrogant and egregious lines. We’re pogoing around the room as the gritty lead vocals are well backed up and then RoadKill puts a little more pressure on the accelerator as the girls produce a 2017 punk rocker that has an updated UK82 feel throughout…we needed to sit down and gather our breath.

The third track of the monster fourteen on the album is Zombie Crawl where the down and dirty bass intro leads us into a screamed road-rage vocal that builds into a rock and roller with some monster riffs and melodic vocal chorus. That powerful bass and pounding drum return for the manic Poser with its pyschobilly approach and “go back to Canary Wharf” lyrical attack on the self-absorbed rich bankers – oh yes!

The churning title track, First World Problems with some discordant guitars and tell-it-as-is lyrics delivered over a chunky set of riffs and group backing vocals to package up an Elastica sounding song. The attack on one of most hated “media” outlets, The Daily Fail, had us mentioning Vice Squad/Cock Sparrer and the Toy Dolls and that’s one great mash-up!

The harmonica lead on the romping Tearaway just sets a straight up punk rocker with a lyrical mention of “Charlie Harper” and that’s worth some nods of knowing approval – these girls know their punk heroes! The pace continues with Cotton Wool Kids a belting anthem followed by the 84 seconds of I Can’t Cope where a spiraling guitar drives the despair laden lyrics.

Sue Me drips will melody and power with some terrific musicianship throughout and is followed by a bass led Quarter Life Crisis where the girls display a great sense of humour over a fast paced, group vocal dominated punk rocker. The sense of humour continues with the Ramonas Go To Frieberg story about a tour gone wrong!

The penultimate track V.O.I.D. gives a nod to Poly Styrene and X-Ray Spex in sound and sets up the closer, Microwave Mandy where The Ramonas pound out another funny set of lyrics that Olga would be proud of as the music takes on a Cramps on steroids style.

This is one excellent, fun, hook-laden monster of an album and you need to add it to your collection – get First World Problems by The Ramonas here:




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