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THE RAMONAS – Release the single ‘Speak Up’ plus Exclusive Interview

THE RAMONAS – ‘Speak Up’, the interview…

the-ramonas-speak-up-single-cd-sleeveThe all girl punk band The Ramonas have just released their debut original single ‘Speak Up’. It’s rip roaring track played at break neck speed and a promise of much more to come from the band.

In an exclusive interview, Punk Online caught up with the girls to see what’s behind the release and what the future holds.


A review in the Guardian earlier this year ended with “you leave wondering what this spirited foursome would sound like performing their own material”. This is something you have obviously done with ‘Speak Up’ – what influenced you to write it? And why now after 10 years or so of being together?

Cammy – I’ve only just joined The Ramonas, so for me it was the perfect opportunity to come to the band with fresh ears and start writing with them. It was an unexpected, nice surprise!

Pee Pee – The original ‘project’ is something me and Cloey have been thinking about for years but as we’ve had a couple of line up changes in that time it made starting anything new as a band quite difficult, especially when our primary function was being a tribute band. We found at shows the fans were asking more and more to hear some original tracks so we’re really happy to have now reached this point where we’re releasing something everyone is happy with and has been part of.

Rohnny – With Speak Up, I personally wanted to write something that captures the spirit and energy this band have at any live show, and somehow put it into our own 2-3 minutes. I think we’ve done that well, not just with this single but with all the songs on the new EP and songs we’ve jammed together in the process.

Cloey- We have been keen to do our own stuff for quite some time and as Pee just mentioned, and now seemed the best time with the line up as it is.


Who writes the new stuff?

Cammy – We tend to come up with initial ideas separately and then bring them to a rehearsal to work on as a collective.

Pee Pee – There’s not one way it starts, could be a bass riff, lyric idea, chord progression but it all comes together in the rehearsal room with everyone involved.

Cloey- Yeah it has been a really organic process and ideas have flowed well between us when we get together.


Do you want to be known as a tribute band or do you see more and more of your own material coming to the fore?

Cammy – We’ve recorded 5 tracks for the EP and are continuing to write more at the moment. We’d discussed changing the band name for the originals project but decided to release it under The Ramonas title for now at least.

Rohnny – For me it’s just about being seen as four energetic, keen females that just love what they do and have as much fun no matter what material we play, and bringing that across in the music and the performances.



 There’s an EP coming out soon (‘You Asked for It’). Is this also going to be your own material? I’m kinda guessing the title speaks for itself?

Cammy – Indeed! It’s a 5 track EP and some of the subject matter is really comical. It was so nice to record an EP with a band that is very free with the songwriting process and didn’t take it too seriously. We were finishing writing some of the material as we were recording it, it was a lot of fun and I’m very happy with the finished product.

Pee Pee – With this all being a new venture for The Ramonas, the EP is really for us to test the water and see how people respond. We’re planning to release a full album next year along with another single. The EP title is really a response to people asking for the original material


When is the EP due for release?

Pee Pee – The EP will be released November 7th on CD & download (pre sale 31/10.16). Our UK launch will be at The Prince Albert, Brighton on November 6th.


Are there any future plans, an album for example?

Pee Pee – We’re currently writing tracks for the album which we’ll be recording next year.

Cloey- We are always working on new songs so an album would definitely be our next goal.

You tour pretty much nonstop. Do any of you have ‘regular jobs’ or this what you do for a living? If so, is this ‘living the dream’ for you all?

Cammy – I work full time in a drum shop, as well as gigging in pubs and clubs at the weekend. I basically have no time off, but I love it!

Pee Pee – ‘Living the dream’, hard work but absolutely love it!

Rohnny – I’m still tied to the retail life, working as much as I can to pay the bills! My work colleagues are fantastic in allowing me the freedom to tour with The Ramonas as often as we do.

Cloey- I also work part time to keep a bit of income when we are not on tour. Its hard to juggle between ’normal work life’ and ’touring life’ sometimes as you can go a month without a day off, but it’s totally worth it!

What is it that you love so much with what you do?

Cammy – I love every aspect of it, meeting new people, seeing new places, the satisfaction of creating something you’re proud of. But playing live will forever be my favourite part of it!

Pee Pee – Playing live is so much fun and at the same time looking out into the audience and seeing them enjoy it too. The travelling is a bonus, especially when you have time to get out of the tour van and explore the place you’re in!

Rohnny – I love that I have had the opportunity to visit so many places I probably would never have got the chance to visit if I had not been a musician. Travelling plus playing on stage in front of people that share your same passion for music is just awesome, I’m super lucky.

Cloey- It’s the music. Its so amazing to see the love for the Ramones music is still there across the globe. Its amazing to be able to play the songs and meet amazing people along the way. We have made many good friends from across the water from doing what we do.


What’s the typical age group of your audience at gigs?

Cammy – The great thing about playing with The Ramonas is that it attracts so many different kinds of people, I honestly wouldn’t say there was a typical age group!

Pee Pee – When we first started out it was noticeably men in their 50’s but over the years we’ve noticed more and more younger people at the shows and more girls/women  which is great

Cloey- Definitely the audiences are getting younger. I love it when you see young kids sitting on their Dad’s shoulders singing along to every word! Amazing!


You are all obviously not as old as me L but what is your take on punk rock in 2016? Is it still a music genre that can influence the kids of today?

Cammy – I think so, definitely. In fact 2016 in particular has been a great year for the return of a lot of my favourite punk bands that I grew up with.. The Descendants, Green Day, Blink 182. I’m hoping this means that there is a shift happening in popular music again as there was in the nineties and early noughties with actual bands dominating the market! 🙂

Pee Pee – I think the change in our audience proves that the scene is healthy and still relevant to younger generations. One thing we tend to notice is there’s lots of bands from the first time around still out there gigging and an emergence of bands in their teens/early 20’s but less established bands in their late 20’s/30’s on the scene.

Rohnny – I think there is a definitely a rise in younger audiences within the punk scene. It’s so good to see other bands and also fans the same age of even younger, showing just as much spirit as the first time punkers. With the way the world politics are going at the moment I think punk and anarchy is more relevant now than ever before!


Where do you see yourselves in maybe three or five years’ time?

Cammy – Hopefully still playing as much as possible, playing more original material and playing in cities further afield than where we’ve been before!

Pee Pee – It would be nice to tour more and more new places and have released a couple of albums.

Rohnny – I’ve still got a few places to tick off my travel list and many more stories to write songs about!

Cloey- Still gigging, touring and still writing I hope!




Punk Online would like to thank The Ramonas for giving up their time to answer our questions and we wish them all the luck with the single and future releases. Try to catch them live as soon as you can!


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