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THE RETARDED RATS – ‘Screams From the 10th Planet’ Review

THE RETARDED RATS – Screams from the 10th Planet

retarded-ratsBack in the day (ahem) of UK82 punk, there was a psychobilly movement that grew up around the straight up punk rock bands. The Cramps, The Meteors and even the B-52s all released some classic rockabilly on steroids type music. A couple of weeks ago, from the old East Germany, The Retarded Rats sent through their new album. It opens with a terrific instrumental, The Engine Starts, that brings back memories of all the aforementioned bands with some neat guitar over a strong bass and drum backing.

No Time To Die speeds things up with some super female vocals delivering on top of some double bass and weird, horror movie type guitar. Neo-Psychobilly is about the perfect song title for the bands sound. This one takes on a more manic rockabilly approach before completely slowing down and then launching again the manically fast paced, elbows flapping approach. You Lost My Brain features a Duane Eddy on speed approach whilst Headshot continues the moment although the vocals have a Beki Bondage like feel on this one.

The Retarded Rats show some flexibility on Searching (one of the stand out tracks on the album) which has a more goth style feel. This three piece sure do make a wonderful racket with some strange guitar sounds interplaying with vocals that approach Siouxsie in places and especially on Inquisition, a spooky trip into hell.

Nananananana is a Batman theme tune tinged manic brilliant two minutes of controlled chaos and the album closes with the title track. Screams from the 10th Planet is a psychobilly classic in the making with tempo changes and a variety of guitar licks competing throughout.

If you like a bit of rock and roll in your punk diet, The Retarded Rats are well worth checking out – find them here


Track Listing

1.      The Engine Starts
2.      No Time To Die
3.      Neo-Psychobilly
4.      You lost My Brain
5.      Headshot
6.      Searching
7.      Fingertip In The Sky
8.      Inquisition
9.      The Key
10.  Coulrophobia
11.  Nananananananananananana
12.  Screams From the 10th Planet



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