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THE REUTERS – ‘We Are From Hu’ Album Review

THE REUTERS – We Are From Hu

The ReutersThe Reuters delivered their album last month with little fanfare and few words but the songs on this 11-track album speak for themselves anyway.

Opening with the excellent Credits, The Reuters channel Killing Joke with some melodic punk rock with a goth/dark wave undercurrent. The band hail from The Netherlands but there is an industrial Cabaret Voltaire personality throughout the album.  The heavy bass driven Mindset plants a firm foundation for some chunky riffs and Andrew Eldritch style vocals. The band have honed a unique version of the post-punk sound full of power with subtle nods to early Joy Division.

On the five-plus-minute Making A Scene, The Reuters start with some atonal guitar, booming drums and build into a power chord procession that has some sharp edges and that thunderous bass guitar. There is a raw DIY sound to the album but it adds to the energy and displays a band who have clearly been honing their craft for years!

Strychnine, a cover of The Sonics song that was also recorded by The Cramps rumbles along with a garage rock sound and is followed with Sync Gen delving more into that Cramps sound…deep vocals and an Iggy Pop chorus – loved it!

At the half-way point, the chunky and churning guitar intro to Nocturne provides the cover for a dark Sisters Of Mercy style song with a great rock ‘n roll/dance beat. The title track, We Are From Hu, continues with the sci-fi lyrical approach and adds some electronic bleeps and blips to the deep bass, atonal guitars and slowly delivered vocals with the obvious comparisons to Planet Clare.

Boggy-Coypu Dam(n) clocks in at over four and a half minutes with some slowly strummed power chords, thunderstorms and keyboards providing an intro to a track that builds into a military drum propelled section and then returns to the slow and dark approach and back again! Sounded like Paranoid Visions to me! On Fear the band stay with the slower, atmospheric (slight spaghetti western ambiance) and, to be honest, slightly disconcerting overall sound…spooky!

Continuing with the horror theme, Haunted House is full on Birthday Party meets The Cramps as the lyrics are spoken/sung over some weird sounds. The album closes with 12XU, 95 seconds of pure, pacey punk rock – good stuff!

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