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THE RINGLEADERS – ‘Bi-Coastal Blasphemy’ Album Review

THE RINGLEADERS – Bi-Coastal Blasphemy

The RingleadersHound Gawd! Records is set to release The Ringleaders debut album titled Bi-Coastal Blasphemy on June 29, 2018. The band features members of the Candy Snatchers, Hollywood Hate, Hellbenders and Death by Stereo and hail from Los Angeles, CA and they craft an almighty garage punk noise!

The opener, Dirtnap High is a super catchy garage punk/psychobilly feast whereas Gold Coast Woman is a raucous romp careening at 150mph like the Cramps on speed! The eleven-track album continues with Shine where the pace is maintained in a wild psychobilly effort.

The Ringleaders are fun, edgy and have perfected a dirty garage-punk sound embodied by the almighty scream that launches Bed Of Lies reminding me of The Cramps again although there are neat segments that rock and others that are almost jazzy in approach. On One Bullet, One Hipster the band return to the faster approach with blistering vocals and that pace is kept up on The Price Is Wrong.

The feedback intro to the excellent rocker, Cabin Fever sets up a truly wonderful fast-pace garage punk-rocker whilst Sicko takes things even further into fast riffs and vocal driven sections for a manic rock and roll experience full of power and pace.

The looser Own Worst Enemy has a DIY atmosphere and that helps drive the foot stomping, head-banging beat home and leads to the second to last track, Run Around The Clown where The Ringleaders lay down another dirty riff and a super rhythmic track reminiscent of the 1970s glam rock bands but with more raw power.

The album closes with Enjoy The View with yet another great riff, screamed yet melodic vocals and a dirty rock and roll sound that just blows away all the cobwebs…good stuff!!!


Grab Bi-Coastal Blasphemy by The Ringleaders here:




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