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THE SHELL CORPORATION – ‘Fucked’ Album Review


The Shell CorporationWhen you get a bio of a band that is as succinct as this:  “The Shell Corporation are a punk band from Burbank, California. They release records and tour a lot.” You know you are in for something different and Fucked is brilliant, an early contender for one of the albums of the year!

The album opens with an ironic spoken word commentary of Trump’s America and how people justify his abhorrent behavior before exploding into a monster chorus – it is time for punk rock, for protest and for bands like The Shell Corporation who channel Anti-Flag and encourage you to rise up coz this ain’t the time for Kumbaya.

Make It Rain is packed with hooks and melody with no shortage of power as the intricate interplay of guitars, drums and bass ably supports the global warming focused lyrics. The third track of the twelve is Not Funny with a massive dirty bass driving forward a spiraling circle-pit pleasing punk rock pleaser and is followed by Waters where the band eek out a little more power and pace with no shortage of monster riffs and excellent vocals. The middle-eight driven by the drums is excellent and hints at how hard The Shell Corporation have worked to craft such a tight sound.

The extended introduction to Rooftops again features a booming bass and melodic guitar leading to a huge chorus full of angst and personal pain. All Down To Me marries complex, fast-paced math-punk rhythms with a wall of sound approach before a restrained chorus offers a surprising breather! The second half of the album starts with Cold Reason and it is a soaring skate-punk song followed by Von Braun with a pummeling rhythmic approach that just demands you bang your head…great stuff!

The more accessible musical approach of Fighting For supports an acerbic lyric and the mid-paced power-pop-punk lays the foundation for an excellent set of lyrics! It is followed by the grittier Poor Devils with its soaring chorus and clever bass driven verses.  The penultimate track, They Live just blows out the speakers at times with a menacing sound, gravel throat vocals and massive choruses…wow!

Closing this stunner with One Last Thing, The Shell Corporation dish out a personal set of politics full of anger at a broken relationship – and this is about as raw and angry a love song can be. Great stuff, great band, great album!!!

Here’s the U.S. order link for Fucked by The Shell Corporation: htp://laescaleradistro.com/ 

This is the European order link: http://shop.gunnerrecords.com/