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THE SIKNOTES – ‘Welcome To The Party, Pal’ Album Review

THE SIKNOTES – Welcome To The Party, Pal

The SiknotesGrimsby, UK based band The Siknotes are a four-piece punk band who “love to entertain and put as much energy into our shows as we do drinking”.

The opening track to their new eleven-track album, Welcome To The Party Pal, is the rampaging Drunk And Disorderly with a skate-punk beat and raging guitars, Oi! like vocals, it’s a punk rock frenzy!

As the band state, “…take every song with a pinch of salt….a slice of lime, and a shot of Tequila” and that’s the case for the manic H.O.T Dog with 200mph pace, guitar solos and a celebration of alcohol! Dos DeDos opens with some monster riffs and develops into a skate-punk classic whereas Fade Away is the only track that clocks in over three-minutes in length with elements of the West Coast USA punk sound such as Bad Religion or even the NoFX folks.

The eighty-four seconds of Take Everyone Apart powers along but does not forsake melody and Goodtime Girl takes a fast-paced ska-punk approach. Ric Flair builds into another 200mph punk rock piledriver and the title track, Welcome To The Party, Pal opens with a can of beer, a fart and a burp before launching a monster riff with a skate-punk melody and fast-paced drumming…it’s a riot!

On Wake Up Daddy a Toy Dolls style guitar lick leads into circle-pit inducing punk effort and the penultimate song, The End continues the momentum as the pace, hooks and melodies cascade on down.

The album concludes with Wasted where a fast acoustic guitar riff supports a folk punk call to arms…or at least a call to the pub!

It you need a bit of fast punk/skate-punk/drunk punk in your life, then this one is for you!


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