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THE SLITS – ‘News Cuttings And Scraps’: Book + DVD

THE SLITS – ‘News Cuttings And Scraps’: Book + DVD

The Slits BookIn 1977, Tessa Pollitt, bass player of The Slits, began collecting news clippings every time she or her newly formed band were mentioned in a publication. She would buy a copy, cut out the article and lovingly paste it into her scrapbook.

Today, this book stands as a testament to the emotional, personal and artistic journey of four young women struggling to be heard in a harsh and unwieldy environment.

From the early days of punk to post punk and beyond, the book chronicles the journeys, joys and triumphs of first wave British punks, the first all girl punk band and the godmothers of ‘Punky Reggae’, The Slits.

The scrapbook has now been reproduced and adds personal photos, handwritten notes by the band and a deluxe DVD copy of the just released film ‘Here To Be Heard: The Story Of The Slits’, for which Tess’ book acts as a starting point.

“I started collecting cuttings from the old press (no internet in those days!) from 1976 onwards. This was the scrapbook era. I also loved taking photos from childhood, and have continued on an instamatic camera ever since, some of these included in this scrapbook. It was  [director] William Badgley’s idea to use my scrapbook as a starting point to base the documentary around, an idea that proved to be successful. I hope you enjoy the insight into the story of The Slits and the visuals, which include personal photos from Palmolive, Christine Robertson (our manager) and myself. The Slits exist. Yours truly – Tessa Pollitt.”


‘Here To Be Heard: The Story Of The Slits’ is a documentary film about the first all-girl Punk group, The Slits. Directed by William E Badgley, it received its world premiere at the BFI London Film Festival in October 2017 and has recently had a run of regional tour screenings.

Contemporaries of The Clash and Sex Pistols and the godmothers of the musical movement known as ‘Punky Reggae’, the film tells the story of the young women pioneers of the mid-70’s Punk era from a female point of view and runs from the inception of the group in 1976 to its end in 2010 (coinciding with the death of lead vocalist, Ari Up).

It includes interviews with Don Letts (former group manager and punk documentarian), Viv Albertine (guitarist), Ari Up (vocalist), Palmolive (founder/first drummer), Tessa Pollitt (bassist), Bruce Smith (second drummer), Hollie Cook (vocalist/keyboards/percussion), Vivien Goldman (NYU Punk professor), Dennis Bovell (producer of debut album ‘Cut’), Paul Cook (Sex Pistols), Gina Birch (The Raincoats), Adrian Sherwood (producer and long-term friend and collaborator) and many more, as well as previously unseen footage and band recordings.

‘Here To Be Heard: The Story Of The Slits’ is produced by Badgley via his company Molasses Manifesto and Mark Vennis of Moviehouse Entertainment, while Pledge Music worked with the duo to bring a DVD release of the film direct to the band’s loyal and, in many cases, long-time followers.

The DVD was released on 11th May 2018.