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THE SOAPGIRLS – ‘Society’s Rejects’ Album Review

THE SOAPGIRLS – Society’s Rejects

the-soapgirlsThe SoapGirls take their name from making and selling soap as children to raise money for charity, these political activists and staunch feminists defy convention and embrace society’s rejects. The albums title track, Society’s Rejects is a blistering track full of anger and energy and a huge dose of swagger!

The album was released on July 28th and it’s a cracker! Johnny Rotten is full of melody and hooks with a straight up drumbeat, interplay of female vocals for a full four minute and 39 seconds of raw energy with a nod to Nirvana and Joan Jett. The album is packed with 15 songs and each has personality of its own – Waters Edge is a confrontational effort that brings a huge chorus to smooth out the serrated guitar edges of the verses – great stuff!

The SoapGirls add a different touch with the jerky Party In Hell with a sparse guitar lick leading to a raucous chorus and boppy beat! On Air, the moshpit invite of the chorus is sandwiched between so nifty sections of pop-punk bliss! The album is just chock full of monster hooks, excellent vocals and some fine rhythm section foundations from the Elastica sounding Step Outside to the slow build of Original Sin and its Royal Blood style power.

You Hate Losing takes on a ballad style of delivery with spoken word style vocals and latent power lurking under the surface that explodes in the choruses. The monster drums of Drag You Down support a rage-fuelled vocal whilst the rhythm and melodies of Play With Fire gallop along to a satisfying conclusion!

Break You channels a woman scorned (and she sounds really, really angry) and Bury Me is a mellower, melodic song that I thought is one of the stronger songs of a super package.  Bad Bitch is another standout pummeling track with menace throughout and a trademark sing-along monster chorus…if this does not get you moving, you must be dead! Closing with Rather B Dead, The SoapGirls bring us home with a sort of love song and it has that Pixies feel with great verse-chorus-verse interplay.

Society’s Rejects is a stunning album – get it and play on repeat:




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