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THE STEVENS – ‘Good’ Album Review


the-stevensThe new album Good from Melbourne scratchy pop favourites, The Stevens (featuring members of Twerps and Boomgates), was released on 14th July via Chapter. Good picks up where their 2014 debut A History Of Hygiene left off – 18 short songs, alternately frenetic or laconic, packed with twists and hooks.

The Stevens formed in 2011 and recorded Good in their own Melbourne bedrooms throughout 2016. The album opens with the excellent Chancer where the guitar crafts an engaging hook and the echo-infused vocals creep up on you like a cat in the night. The band have a knack for a melody and hook with some space and are not afraid to mix things up as they do on the dreamy/psychedelic Grandstands.

With the exception of a couple of songs, Good is packed with shorter efforts that hit hard. The 77 seconds of Escape From Party Island does not rush through with some atonal guitar, softly strummed and slow paced drums fueling the instrumental. Cruiser is another hook-fest with some dirty rhythm guitar driving the track forward.

The Stevens craft a unique sound that feels like a hot summers day on Purple and Grey with layers of guitar, keyboard and lazy vocals and the vibe continues with the Jesus & Mary Chain melodies of Pulling All The Facts Together. The 18 song album allows the band to showcase a range of approaches but the tracks hang together well as the signature style of The Stevens is the ‘reverby’ guitar and laid back vocals with Family Silver a great example of Lo-Fi Indie music as is My New Hideout.

Keep Me Occupied is a hazy and slightly off kilter pop song whilst Super Subtle layers in some synthesizer sounds for 73 seconds of trippy music followed by the lengthier Los Campesinos style I Know (Charles and Jerry)

Good Co. is the quasi title track and powers along with atonal interference to guitar and bass licks. The album closes with Thirsty Eye a super pop/indie/goth sounding song with a little of The Cure about it.

The Stevens are different for sure and difficult to categorize but they make indie music at its most creative edges. Grab the album here: https://chaptermusic.bandcamp.com/album/good