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THE STRAYS – ‘Explicit Content’ EP Review

THE STRAYS – Explicit Content

The StraysThe Strays have self-released their debut EP, Explicit Content over the summer. The band are an electro punk duo formed in December 2016 in the town of Buxton, Derbyshire comprising of Georgie and Johnny Stray.

The seven track EP begins with Johnny Mnemonic when a brief cough leads to a fast drum machine and keyboard sound dredged from the bowels of hell. The boys deliver Sleaford Mods style vocals although the overall sound is slightly heavier and aggressive. I just loved this track with the cynical lyrics and gritty, raw sound.

Don’t Mither Me is next (a quick search online suggests that “mither” is a “Northern” word with the meaning of “to make an unnecessary fuss, moan or irritate someone”) and adds some higher register keyboards over the fuzzed bass – it is both accessible and disconcerting at the same time with excerpts from movies adding to the atmosphere.

The beats come thick and fast with Immaculate driving the EP into a different direction with heavier keyboards providing a Tubeway Army vibe and it is followed by All Gone Wrong with it’s bouncy keyboard intro creating a lighter vibe (think a punk version of Erasure!) with humorous self-effacing lyrics.

The fifth track, Wind Your Neck In (love that title) blends a compelling tempo with a great “wind your fuckin neck in….it’s embarrassing” chorus – this is 2017 punk rock with a twist – full of hooks, aggression and lyrics commenting on all aspects of today’s society.

TV Dinner rocks things up with a faster rhythm and more excellent lyrics and it neatly sets up the closing track, Death In The Viper Room where The Strays goes full on disco/electronic with vocals dripping in irony. The Strays are a welcome addition to the scene full of pointed attacks, hooks, rhythms and a sense of humor to boot…great stuff!

You can hear Explicit Content by The Strays in full here:



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