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THE SUBSERVIENTS – ‘Simple Minded’ EP Review


The SubservientsThe Subservients are a four-piece hardcore punk band from Pontiac, Illinois. Established in 2016 they have just released their second EP, Simple Minded.

The opening track of the five is stunning! Fast, booming loose string bass, monster chords and vocals dripping with anger and sarcasm, Suburban Nightmare is a raucous punk rock track reminding me of early Circle Jerks and Chaos UK. Replete with backing vocals giving the song an Oi! feel that bass guitar is just brilliant!

On Crybaby The Subservients hit hard with a monster slab of UK82/1980s Black Flag punk rock – these folks deliver some of the freshest punk we’ve heard in years. The mid-point of the EP is seventy seconds of Simple Minded and it packs pace, churning sections, solos, vocal changes and some punk attitude into the short package!

Smegma is seventy-two seconds of….er….bodily fluid focused punk rock delivered with power and pace and the closer, 13 Stars, is also just over a minute in length but, as with the other tracks, the band pack in some variety and amazing power into the song!


Check out Simple Minded EP by The Subservients here – it’s raw punk rock:





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