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THE TRACYS Release New Video for ‘People Scare Me’

THE TRACYS Release New Video for ‘People Scare Me’

The TracysIf you’re feeling stuck in a repetitive blur of everyday life, NYC old-school punk-rockers The Tracys new single and music video “People Scare Me” will jolt you awake with a blast of sonic power. The single comes with a darkly alluding and paranoiac music video, that will leave you looking over your shoulder when you’re next traveling alone.

The band utilizes the track to question the current state of the world, with the actions and behaviors of others developing a slow-building anxiety of questioning where society is headed.  The band shared, “‘People Scare Me’ is a humorous jaunt into the feeling of alienation, derived both by the day to day struggle of living in a city that has largely given away its creative, cultural heritage in favor of impossible real estate values and self important millionaires, and living in a world controlled by social media that celebrates and rewards Tide Pod eaters and elects narcissistic half-wits to the highest office in the land.”

Directed and edited by Benoit Gabriel, the video for “People Scare Me” features drummer Matt Ernst’s son, Jonah, an amateur boxer. Cutting between live shots of the band and following Jonah’s day throughout the city, an increasingly unsettling feeling of worry and fear is formed through simple yet powerful scenes and split screens. Jonah’s portrayed as, “an alienated and possibly deranged young man, stalking the band and perhaps being stalked (by Matt)… or is that all in his mind?”

The video was shot on-location at Ernst’s home in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, along with scenes from the NYC subway system, and Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn. “[Hank’s] is one of the last great punk rock venues in NYC, slated to be demolished at the end of the year,” the band shared remorsefully, as regulars of Hank’s musical rotation.

The Tracys upcoming third full-length album Humdinger is scheduled for release on March 23; the band will celebrate that night will celebrate their record release show at Hank’s Saloon on March 23, with Live Ones, Cash Register, and The Measurements.




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