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THEATRE OF HATE: New Album Pledge

theatre-of-hateTheatre of Hate: ‘Kinshi’ Pledge

Kirk Brandon and his band of merry men have launched a pledge to get their brand new album ‘Kinshi’ up and running and available for us all to hear.

Take it away Kirk…

Importantly, as many already know, we launched a Pledge at Westworld! Theatre of Hate’s Kinshi Pledge significant event in all our lives. It was launched by Sir Stanley Stammers OBE KBE, and myself. This was fun to have done with Stanley. The last official Theatre of Hate album, ‘Westworld was launched in 1982, over thirty years ago. So, this album, ‘Kinshi’ marks an extremely welcome return.
Kinshi means in Japanese, forbidden. This I think in some way is a great album title, if at first hearing, a little strange.
To me, Theatre of Hate, was always forbidden music. The single ‘Westworld” was given one single play by the BBC. Dave Lee Travis broke in two a copy of the record live on air, stating how much he hated the sound of my voice. I’m in fact glad. That fine fat fellowe proved we were doing something right. It was widely non played on radio, so, somehow, we were ‘forbidden’.
Yes, we are not ostensibly mainstream, it’s not mainstream ‘happy smiley brain dead people’ music. Opiate for the masses. I can live with this, and TOH happy to do so.

On the album cover are a band of Samurai, weapons in hand. The Japanese Samurai were eventually banned in Japan from wearing swords in public, and were so forced from their position in society and importance. But even today, that spirit lives on in peoples minds.

Your contributions via the Pledge are very much going to help to finance and promote the new album. So far it has been a brilliant response. If you do decide to get involved I/the band thank you, times a hundred.

Check the Pledge out here:

We at Punk Online say let’s make this happen! I saw Theatre of Hate in Stockton last December (review here) and they sounded as good as ever so let’s get behind this pledge and make the new album become a reality.

Gaz – Punk Online



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