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THIRTEEN – ‘Spirit Of Resistance’ EP Review

THIRTEEN – Spirit Of Resistance

ThirteenSome great old school punk rock from Falkirk, Scotland based Thirteen is on display with this new six-track EP release. The title track, Spirit Of Resistance sounds as fresh and angry as anything I have heard in a long while. The group vocals of “We’re Not Free” delivered over a fast paced drum and booming bass with intricate guitar lick work all help to produce a song that blends The Exploited with The Sex Pistols!.

We Will Overcome opens with a speaker busting drum and bass before the signature guitar lead kicks in and the vocals just add to the package. The song is full of power with a kind of Sex Gang Children on speed vibe. The UK Subs like Tattered Sleeve is full of raw energy and strong hooks and is followed up with I Am You. Thirteen have a raw punk energy that is on full display reminding a bit of Rabid from the UK82 set.

The fifth track of the six is Marching With The Pigs where a dirty guitar helps create a foreboding atmosphere that is enhanced by a booming bass guitar. The vocals are delivered with an angry snarl and the whole package is mid-paced power punch of a song.

The closer, The Day The Killing Stops showcases a bass drum, brilliant bass guitar, feedback drenched guitar lick and develops into a head-banging Oi/Punk classic. I really enjoyed this one and went back in for a second and third listen – great stuff!

Have a listen to Spirit Of Resistance by Thirteen here: https://13punkfalkirk.bandcamp.com/album/spirit-of-resistance