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THIS LITTLE BADGE – ‘Pass It On’ E.P. Review


this-little-badgeThis Little Badge from New Zealand have released their first EP ‘Pass It On’ – a collection of six new songs. Band leader Dave Pope moved down under from London and there is a distinctly British feel to the songs on this album. Opening with the Sham 69 infused Pretend with a cockney accent leading the power chords and soaring melody, it’s clear that we are in for a treat.

Next up is the excellent rocking Meet Me At The Bridge where the pace is upped and licks clean and fast. There is a UK Subs sound through the song and that London, early punk ambiance is prominent throughout the first two tracks. That’s All We Need is more in the vein of the Pistols Submission with a dirty bluesy guitar leading the way.

The songs are well mixed and produced and there is a sense of humour present in the lyrics. The longest track of the six is the five minute plus Babylon Don that had me reaching for my Kinks albums to see if it was a cover – it’s that good. This Little Badge build to a crescendo with the penultimate track, Downtown, Witsend a more in your face power punk song.

Closing out the EP is Four Chords and a Capo my favorite track on this debut as it brings together all the previously mentioned influences and blends them into an excellent kitchen sink drama with superb lyrics and an excellent tune that had me begging for more…it’s a clear encore for the band live.

I really enjoyed this EP and it did take me back to the days when I first heard Jimmy Pursey and the Hersham Boys.




  1. This rocks!!

  2. This is a wicked CD