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THOUSAND OAKS and TOO CLOSE TO SEE – Memories & Milestones

THOUSAND OAKS and TOO CLOSE TO SEE – Memories & Milestones

Thousand Oaks SplitOn January 19th, Disconnect Disconnect Records released the new split album Memories & Milestones between Italy’s Thousand Oaks and Japan’s Too Close To See.

The release is a prelude to more new music from both bands, with Too Close To See working on a new album, their first full length since 2013’s Days Alive‘(Catch All Records) and Thousand Oaks working on more new tracks to follows up from 2016’s ‘Monsters Begetting Monsters‘ (Disconnect Disconnect Records).

With Too Close To See opening their five tracks with an Offspring like punk rock powerhouse of a song with Burnings, the pace is 200mph, hooks relentless and melody prevalent throughout. They follow up with Proud where a Stiff Little Fingers style guitar introduction leads to more fast-paced and somewhat intricate punk skate-punk. The melodic vocals are a feature throughout and take center stage on Against The Time as the melodies cascade into your brain and showing that the skate-punk genre has some excellent protagonists in Japan.

Switching to Rome’s skate-punks, Thousand Oaks offer two sub-two minute efforts of melodic skate/Oi-punk with Crooked Smiles Venturing Through A Scary World and the excellent Procrastinate. They continue with Perpetual Abomination where a pounding drumbeat drives the song forward and the vocals are angrier. The fourth effort from the Italians is pacey Fireflies And Firestorms with a prominent bass, machine gun drums and massive guitars supporting the dual vocals. This leads to the last contribution from Thousand Oaks, The Charade Of The Guilty Innocents where a brief film clip is broken up with some melodic power chords, slightly slower pace and some excellent bass/guitar work throughout (don’t worry though, the pace does pick up significantly)

The last two songs on the split album are delivered by Too Close To See with the instrumental Shimodate Fire Pro Wrestling clocking in at 81 seconds of urgent guitar riffs, bass runs, lead licks and manically fast drums…good stuff! The last track, The Northernmost Point, opens with some seagulls and leads into another speedfest driven by those drums and supporting a melodic vocal. If you enjoy melodic, fast-paced skate-punk, then both bands deliver! ‘Nuff said!

Check out Memories & Milestones split from Thousand Oaks and Too Close To See at the links below:





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