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TIM OT – ‘Let it Rain’ Review

TIM OT – Let It Rain

tim-ot“Still, I don’t know what to make of you. You have a black flag in your window blasting Blink 182” is just one of many excellent lyrics prevalent throughout Tim OT’s debut album, Let it Rain. Having played live with the likes of Billy Bragg and Frank Turner, Tim’s style is cut from similar cloth – protest folk with kitchen sink dramas really well executed and produced.

Bluest Eyes in London opens the album with an upbeat tone that contains the aforementioned lyrics and the song bounces along with some steel guitar interludes. The title track, Let it Rain is stripped back to just Tim’s plaintive voice and a soft acoustic guitar eschewing emotion.

The third track, Raise Up brings back the steel guitar and drums as the lyrics deal with a singer, songwriter in debt trying to protest at the bigger problems in the world. It is an excellent song that sets the tone for the entire album – it’s clever, clean, funny and serious.

There are nine songs on this debut and each track has something new to offer. We’ve Got Time finds Tim back to voice and acoustic guitar story telling his way from the North of England down to London. His voice is more accessible than both Billy Bragg and Frank Turner and, at times, I was reminded of Phil Ochs in terms of song structure and sound (and that’s a compliment)

The halfway point is reached with Jane, a song that I loved with its sadness permeating throughout the three and a half minutes where the clever addition of a simple backing vocal takes the whole effort to a higher level. The piano introduction to Diary and the ethereal vocal treatment takes the listener to a different place entirely and would not be out of place on a Hope Sandoval composition.

The piano introduction is utilized again on How Not To Get Signed – this time backed with strings, strident guitar chords and drums. The song builds and then settles as Tim documents his punk band roots from the hard work to the end of the band. There are some excellent lyrics again “Oh it’s a bummer, I send my apologies to Joe Strummer” J



The album concludes with Room Full of Fire, a rousing closer subtly raging against the status quo. It’s a fitting end to a super debut album showcasing a true talent.

‘Let It Rain’ is Tim’s first full-length release and its title was inspired by a quote from Stephen Fry about “accepting depression and its often temporary nature”.

Order ‘Let It Rain’ from Banquet Records here: bnqt.co/KT1-052


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