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TIME FOR ACTION – ‘Turn It Up’ Album Review


Formed in Manchester 2017 by Simon Burton (guitar) & Warren Dermody (vocals) and joined by brothers Neil Pleasant (bass) & Keith Pleasant (drums), Time For Action have released an absolutely incredible album. Stating influences such as: Stiff Little Fingers, Undertones, Stooges, PIL, The Clash, Discharge & New Order, it is clear that we are in for a treat!

The opening track, Time For Action is a rollicking, romping rocker with some hellish powerful riffs and vocals full of melody and accessibility and applying that Stooges sound to the SLF backing. The garage punk rock of Bone Idle maintains that “Iggy” vibe with a ‘punch the air’ beat and raucous riffs driving the track forward with aplomb!

The four-minute plus, No Way Back has a slight glam-rock tinge as the mid-paced rocker packs punch after punch to the solar plexus and the following song, Leave Me Alone is at the other end of the spectrum with 150mph Discharge like riffs supporting those melodic vocals – oh yes!!!

The heavy, churning riffs that introduce She’s In Control set up a massively powerful track with great vocals adding to the fun whilst Uniform plays around with a reggae beat, guitar effects and plaintive vocals and a build to some raunchy riffs…superb stuff that will pull in the SLF Johnny Was comparisons!

Blown Away is yet another hook heavy track with a nod towards glam rock as it meets UK82 punk rock and the formula works whilst Never Alone is propelled by a bombastic bass guitar with lyrics lamenting lost friends and family with a simply majestic chorus. On Your Two Faces, Time For Action offer a more straight up punk rocker but dripping with melody and the penultimate song, Wastelands drives forward at significant pace. The bass and drum intro to Fringe Bar sets up some serrated riffs, singalong pop-punk/alternative that bring this excellent album to a very satisfying climax…loved it!

Time For Action have played many gigs and festivals around Manchester and surrounding areas and hope to hit the rest of the UK soon.


You can find get Turn It Up by Time For Action on Spotify, iTunes, Google play and Amazon.