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TIME KILLERS – ‘Dead City Dreams’ Review

time-killersWe receive music from all over the world at punkonline.co.uk but the band with the most Northern address so far are the TimeKillers from northern Finland (Keminmaa/Lapland)

Their debut album “Dead City Dreams” was released in late 2015 when the days were long and dark and the band see the songs as a “trip to a small town desperation and to the dark depths of human mind”

We were surprised to hear the opening track, Mirage, as it’s a tight, power punk anthem sung in impeccable English (not that this matters!) and played with an aplomb that blows you away. The lyrics deal with loneliness and empty houses whilst the music assaults you with sheer passion and power. What an opening!!! Friday The 13th maintains the power and pace introducing dual vocals and a chorus that had me punching the air in defiance!

By Don’t let me sleep, all of my preconceptions of what a Finnish band from the Artic Circle would sound like have been blown away. TimeKillers are of the My Chemical Romance and AFI mold not death metal or goth but more EMO/power-punk with a hint of the Ramones.

This is a very strong debut album with cracking musicians supporting some strong vocals and lyrics focused on alienation. I Will Rise Again is the midpoint of the album and is a terrific anthem played at pace with a singalong chorus. It is followed by The City – one of my favorite songs on the ten song debut album with a Stiff Little Fingers vibe.

TimeKillers surprised us with a superb debut album. It’s melodic, powerful and very well played throughout. There is not a duff song on the album – simply ten excellent tracks. There is variety as well with Happy People introducing an acoustic opening reminiscent of Mensi and the Angelic Upstarts before launching into a punk classic in the making.

The album ends with Give it Up and I sincerely hope that these guys do not entertain giving anything up – they are going places…they are on Facebook here www.facebook.com/timekillerspunk and the album is available at Inverse Records here www.inverse.fi

Stumpy – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Mirage
  2. Friday the 13th
  3. Don’t Let Me Sleep
  4. Devil
  5. I Will Rise Again
  6. The City
  7. Good Times
  8. Happy People
  9. I Love You (And I Want To Kill Myself)
  10. Give It Up