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TIME OUT TIMMY – ‘Animal’ EP Review 


Time Out TimmyHailing from Lisbon, New Hampshire, Time Out Timmy are a trio who have just released their new EP, Animal, on June 4th.

Opening with Fuck Authority (not the Pennywise version) they showcase some serious UK82 punk rock chops with a sing-along chorus, dirty riffs and Disorder/Chaos UK style sound. Great stuff!

The title track Animal (ft. Wimpy Rutherford) is up next and continues to drive home the pacey riffs with a raw, DIY approach and manically fast vocals including female backing vocals to add to the variety and overall punk rock atmosphere – I was breathless!

On Lingerer the “1,2,3,4…” opening sets up a meaty riff, more melody infused vocal and some skate-punk/pop-punk overtones with a solid punk rock foundation. The penultimate song, Amelio also opens with the “1,2,3, 4,..” shout but this time the vocals are more aggressive and the overall sound more powerful punk rock with a terrace chant shouted chorus.

The EP closes with I Did Robitussin At The Prom (ft. Wimpy Rutherford) and had a Dead Kennedys Nazi Punks Fuck Off! sound in terms of speed of power with some slower, chunky segments providing some relief. The lyrics are more Toy Dolls than Conflict and that’s why punk is such a broad church…good fun and good punk rock.


Check out Animal by Time Out Timmy here: https://timeouttimmy.bandcamp.com/album/animal