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TINDALL: ‘Tindall vs Tindall’ EP

tindallWhen the email accompanying the E.P contains the explanation…

“We’re a pop-punk band from Slough who have an incredibly attractive bass player. He is an absolute mega-babe. Terrible bassist but looks so damn good that we don’t mind.”

…then you know you are reviewing a band that knows how to have some fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. However, Tindall are no Jilted John novelty band.

The first track Nobody Wants to be Alone is a catchy pop-punk effort that demonstrates some strong songwriting and musicianship. It’s obvious straight away that Tindall can belt out a tune whilst keeping it harmonious at the same time.

Hot Bird takes aim at blokes chasing the girl he can never have.

“You showed me her pictures and I must say

That she’s a fitty, so it’s a pity, cos I know you’re never

Gonna get her, mate why bother?

She’ll never leave her bloke and this has gone beyond a joke…”

It’s another boisterous tune with strong melody and fast paced guitar work.

Mans Get Lean opens with a terrace style chant before launching into a NOFX style punk vocal and speedy three-minute power pop punk perfection.

The EP closes out with Ballad of Barnold and the vocals are switched from melodic higher pitched to lower down narration. It’s a different song than the others on the EP with a Kinks like approach.

Tindall sound like a fun, self-effacing bunch and they bang out some good tunes. We love the artwork too although we’d love to know who the guy is who they’re all pissing on!

Check out the EP here:

Stumpy – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Nobody Wants to be Alone
  2. Hot Bird
  3. Mans Get Lean
  4. Ballad of Barnold





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