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Tinseltown RebellionNottingham, UK based Tinseltown Rebellion have released a new EP and the band, who originally formed in 1999 as a punk metal crossover band, gained a large following and played the length of the country. After releasing an album in 2000 the group later disbanded in 2001 so members could dedicate time to touring with groups such as Resistance 77/Ferocious Dog and Defacer. They reformed in December 2017 and have been rehearsing/recording and gigging since then. The band describe their music as “straight forward Punk n Oi with a bit of reggae and folk thrown in.”

The new seven-track EP opens up with Lootin where a jaunty and jolly reggae guitar is joined by a Jamaican beat, mock-Rasta vocals and sarcastically funny lyrics sandwiched between slabs of power reminding me of the Toy Dolls meeting Bob Marley with a bit of Bad Religion thrown in – I have to say that I loved this one!

The title track, Keep You Down offers up some screaming guitar licks, punchy serrated riffs and gravelly lead vocals combining to produce a hook laden Oi/Streetpunk pounder whilst Monster channels Black Sabbath with big riff, pounding beat and angry vocals creating an ominous atmosphere and then Mr Sad lays into a searing lick that had us headbanging and moshing!

Pissed It Up The Wall is a big Oi! infused rocker with barrelling riffs, big group vocals that demand a singalong, arms aloft response with a bit of the 4-skins and a bit of Cock Sparrer in the delivery and Need A Slap continues to deliver the muscular hooks, working class vocal grit and some super lyrics that had us smiling and nodding in agreement at the same time.

The Toy Dolls like Shit! (World Cup 2018) is a football terrace song with, er, questionable lyrics basically naming every football team as “poor” except England. This is good fun, well played punk/oi music with some great songs.


Take a listen to Keep You Down by Tinseltown Rebellion here: https://tinseltownrebellion.bandcamp.com/