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TOKYO RANKERS – ‘Don’t Get Me Started’ Album Review

TOKYO RANKERS – Don’t Get Me Started

Tokyo RankersAs the folks at Punkonline.co.uk are avid Peterborough United supporters (“Up The Posh”!!), we were intrigued to receive the recently released album from Peterborough, UK based Tokyo Rankers.

Self described as “old” and Oi!/Streetpunk in style, the fourteen tracks are raw and powerful and open with the siren like guitar of Glory Days that develops into a cockney accented vocal and some pacey streetpunk with some monster riffs and sing-along chorus…good stuff! You Ain’t Me powers along at a mosh-pit inducing pace whereas Ordinary People takes an Exploited, Troops Of Tomorrow like beat to deliver a mid-paced rabble-rouser of the highest order replete with a terrace-chant vocal.

On Unsettled the band return to a faster punk rock pace whereas Out Of Time is a brilliant Oi! anthem well played and well delivered that brought a huge smile to our faces. The band isn’t afraid to deliver a longer song as they do with Get The Bastards Back as they attack the politicians ruining the NHS and See Ya powers along before, Ultra Violence brings a bass driven headbanger!

The ‘fists in the air’ anthem of Insatiable reminded me of the 1980s Oi! bands whilst What You Gona Do is more like The Blitz with a punkier approach. We loved the rollicking working class fun of Garage Roof and the runaway licks of God Save The Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The penultimate song, Sex And Violence is not the Exploited track but a raw punk effort delivered at pace and the closer is the title track. Don’t Get Me Started bounds along with a snarl and an over supply of punk rock power.


If you like your punk from the streets, check out Don’t Get Me Started by Tokyo Rankers here: https://thetokyorankers.bandcamp.com/releases