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TOMMY AND THE ROCKETS – ‘I Wanna Be Covered’ Album Review


 Tommy and the RocketsTommy And The Rockets album aptly named I Wanna Be Covered offers nine covers of songs by The Ramones. The band hails from Odense in Denmark and began their Beach Boys/Surf journey in 2016.

The first of the nine tracks covered is Rock ‘n’ Roll High School where the band cleverly stick to the original but push it through a Beach Boys production to mesh the two sounds into a surf-punk cover. On Oh Oh I Love Her So the poppier, rocking and rolling approach continues and the entire office breaks into smiles as we crank up the volume – this is like The Ramones have been time warped to 1950s LA and it works!

I Can’t Give You Anything has a garage punk vibe whereas Havana Affair is a sub-two minute rocker channelling The Undertones in sound and approach. Tommy And The Rockets have a unique sound that melds garage with pop with grunge and She’s The One sounds almost like pop-grunge if you can imagine that whereas Locket Love is punchier with some super vocal melodies.

On Don’t Come Close, the tremolo guitars and echo infused vocals add to a pop-punk version of the track and the penultimate song, Carbona Not Glue punches things up with a sub two-minute rocker. The album concludes with Listen To My Heart and the band stay true to the Ramones sound but make it poppier, cleaner and, overall, this is fine tribute to the seminal New York punkers.

Great album for the long summer. Get I Wanna Be Covered by Tommy And The Rockets here:




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