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Too Old To Die Young  – An Exhibition of Punk Photography by Phil King

Too Old To Die Young  – An Exhibition of Punk Photography by Phil King

The Slits

Ari Up: The Slits

To be held from 14th October until 7th November 2017 at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery

UK Subs

Charlie Harper: UK Subs

On Saturday 14th May 1977, Phil King saw The Damned at Middleton Civic Hall, and thus began a life-long love affair with Punk Rock.  Now, forty years on from that incendiary moment, Phil presents a photographic exhibition featuring images of punk rock icons such as: The Damned, UK Subs, The Slits and Sham69.

Taken during the last eight years, these digital images capture artists in their later years, far from the fresh-faced innocence and idealism of their teenage beginnings in the mid-seventies. However, where initially punk rock was a way to immune oneself against apathy and despondency, it has now, over time, become a form of escapism instead of a means to escape.

Whilst it could be argued that punk didn’t have the power to influence lasting social change in society, it could and continues to change how people think about the world. In these days of increasing standardisation, conformism and persuasion by omnipresent advertising and scare-mongering right-wing journalism, punk continues to be underpinned by a pre-occupation with recurring themes of identity, personal freedom and justice.

Each of the artists in the exhibition attests to an innate spirit of resistance. This exhibition attempts to celebrate the revolutionary and rebellious spirit which still glimmers in these punk rock survivors and remains undimmed with age.


Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery
Wellington Rd South
It opens at 2pm on Saturday 14th October and runs until 7th November.