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TOTENWAGEN – ‘Notte Di Guai’ Album Review

TOTENWAGEN – Notte Di Guai

TotenwagenNew label, Herbivorous records have announced Totenwagen’s 3rd album, Notte Di Guai. The Napoli, Italy based punkers have a great reputation across Europe and this nine-track beast of a release will add to their fanbase.

Opening with Bestiallsche Friedenlust where the powerful bass and drum foundation supports the enigmatic and trademark organ, the band produce a sound dragged from the bowels of hell with hints of hardcore, horror-punk and grindcore all on display. The band do not use electric guitars just bass, drums and organ supporting the vocals but it is difficult to comprehend when a song like Nocturno Punk creates so much power. The guttural vocals and unbelievable rhythm section create a wall of power whilst the keyboards simple add to the atmosphere – it really is unique and it really is excellent.

Quando Cala La Notte…Allor’ Si Te Ne Fotte (try typing that 100 times!) uses the organ to create a whimsical and upbeat vibe blending 1960’s garage with a 1990’s punk sound – it works! On Spit And Run the appearance of some English creates a bit on an Oi! vibe as the group vocals create a terrace chant vibe but that organ keeps things rocking along with a huge dose of melody on display throughout.

Next up is Beschmutzer where Totenwagen significantly increase the pace with a punk/metal effort. The brief respite of the organ introduction that leads to a brass instrument and pounding drums sets up an instrumental with a middle England folk sound! It leads to the title track Notte Di Gual and here, a lead guitar adds another layer before the musicians join in to create a chaotic wall of sound with hardcore punk roots…I really enjoyed this one with hints of Rammstein detectable.

The penultimate song, Audacess features a massive dirty bass guitar, horror movie organ and pounding drums before igniting into a hook laden roller-coaster ride of an effort with complex interplay of different approaches. It is a creative masterpiece that is worth every punk latching onto. The album closes with Funerale All’ Italiana, 89 seconds of birds singing, distant orchestral music, thunder and an overall dirge like sound fit for the dying of a country.


Check out Notte Di Guai by Totenwagen here – you will not be disappointed!


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