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TRASHED AMBULANCE – ‘A Dime For Every Time’ Review


trashed-ambulanceCanada’s Trashed Ambulance released their EP, A Dime For Every Time last month on Thousand Islands Records in digital and CD formats. The six track EP opens with Hangover Drive, a track in the vein of the Fat Wreck bands with a special nod to NoFX as the band add some intricate guitar play to the pop-punk approach. It’s a solid opener that intrigues and had me wanting more.

Next up is Metronome where Trashed Ambulance maintain the pace, hooks and melody and they have you bouncing around (see the video below and decide for yourselves) in a similar vein to fellow Candian punks Childsplay. Next up is Doofus, a funny romp into skate-punk territory as the band apply some self-effacing lyrics and bring a smile to my face!

The musicianship is tight, fast, melodic and accessible. On Candy Stripers the sound is just a little heavier but Trashed Ambulance don’t slow it down at all – the drums propel the tracks along at 100 mph and Mulligan provides a slightly slowed down approach with a chanted Oi! chorus.

The EP finishes with Effin 101 where a fast bass is joined by a ‘police siren’ guitar and screamed vocals before the band go slow-fast-faster! If you like your punk rock in the skate/Fat genre, Trashed Ambulance are definitely for you – fast, fun and fearless!

You can get yourself a copy of A Dime for Every Time by Trashed Ambulance right here from Thousand Island Records




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