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TRASH’T ONES – ‘Raccoons’ Album Review

TRASH’T ONES – Raccoons

Trash't OnesTrash’T Ones (pronounced “trash tones”) are a ska-punk trio based out of Toronto, Canada. Their new album ‘Raccoons’ was just released on November 1st.

Trash’T ones were formed after Billy East (bassist/vocals) bonded with English guitarist & vocalist, Ash, over a mutual love of loud noises & wrestling. They put an ad out online & found drummer Bees, who also loves making loud noises & tolerates wrestling.

The album opens with some seriously fuzzed up guitar lick, a number of Oi! shouts and is propelled into a ska-punk party replete with some gravel throated vocals that add to the unique spin these boys bring to the genre. There’s a little Toy Dollsness to the lyrics although Eat Some Death is an aggressive track with some great vocal interplay. The heavy bass intro to Hair Dye sets up a rumbling guitar riff that emerges into the open with a ska beat and funny lyrics.

On Ignite, Trash’T Ones showcase some heavier tendencies with a hardcore approach and they follow this up with No Slaves where the pace increases, instrument interplay is experimented with and the punk rock credentials are on full display with a Dead Kennedys feel.

The second half of the album opens with some mellow and melodic guitar work as Freedome takes off into an aggressive Fugazi style punk rocker full of serrated guitar, heavy bass and superb lyrics. The track is over four minutes in length and it is terrific. Who Would Have Thought further displays the bands variety as the undertone of ska is overlaid with some seriously fuzzed bass and guitar. The powerful chorus adds to the package of raw edge punk rock. The album has a brilliantly raw edge throughout and the Rudimentary Peni like Who Are You powers along as does the fast One Last Rose with its hardcore tendencies.

The album concludes with the title track Raccoons, a skanking, groovy ska track that will get those feet moving and it bleeds into two bonus tracks.

The first is The Sinister Prime Minister & A Troll Named Fart, an acoustic song written & performed by Ash. This song was recorded in one take in Billy’s living room & was written on plane from Vancouver to Toronto after he overheard a group of elderly Southern US Americans talking about how uncomfortable they were getting on a plane with two young sikh boys! As a protest song against Tr*mp and what he has sanctioned is as good as they come!

The second bonus track was recorded live in one take at the studio & is affectionately known as ‘Too Much Coffee’. It’s the song ‘Eat Some Death’ played as fast as possible & is usually how the band end their live shows.

Check out Raccoons by Trash’T Ones here: https://trashtones.bandcamp.com/album/raccoons