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TRUE MOON – Self Titled Album Review

TRUE MOON – True Moon

true-moonHailing from Malmo, Sweden, True Moon will release their self-titled debut album on April 28th via Lövely Records.

A new outlet of expression for Karolina Engdahl (vocals/bass) and Tommy Tift (guitar), colleagues in Swedish melodic punk/dark pop collective Vånna Inget, True Moon was born from the duo’s mounting frustration with an increasingly sanitised and homogenous Scandinavian musical community, and offers a raw, pure, and visceral reconnection with rock’s most primal, feral, black-hearted urges.

For inspiration, Tift and Engdahl looked to the UK, and the experimental and challenging post-punk scene of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. This sound is fully on display with the opening track, Voodoo with screamed female vocals reminiscent of Siouxsie at her best with a musical backing that The Sisters of Mercy would have been proud of. The track is operatic in scope, raw in delivery and pegged my ears back and had me demanding more – it’s excellent!

Astonishingly, Engdahl completed all her vocals for the album in just 90 minutes, and there’s an energy and vitality to the one-take recordings which lends True Moon a striking urgency and tension. Our Own Darkness explores territory first ploughed by The Mission with True Moon adding their own feel and that first take urgency is just addictive.

The title track, True Moon, is slightly darker in ambiance – think Joy Division meets The Cure – and full of latent power – I’m not sure how the band captured the sound they did but its raw, urgent, fresh and comes at the listener in waves and the lyrical reference to “Love Tearing You Apart” just made me smile widely.

The 11-track album makes full use of keyboards to add atmosphere to the tracks but the more bass & drum approach on Sugar works really well against the full on chorus that creeps up on you. Just Like Smoke is a wall of sound with another nod to the Sisters of Mercy at their formative best.

Guns is full of distorted menace and Run, run, run goes more punky territory. True Moon have perfected a 2017 take on those heady creative days of the post punk 1980s and In The Dead Of The Night brings back all those dry ice infested nights in Yorkshire clubs with sunglass wearing, black clad goths swaying to drum machine driven epics – this is a stand out track that I loved.

The, Things I Used To Tell You adds an urgent beat to the reverb guitar and superb vocals and it sets up Honey, perfectly. The bass intro to the penultimate track is weirdly hypnotic as are the mournful vocals. The album closes with Guns RMX where a bass drum is joined by some effect laden guitars and plaintive vocals craft a superb five minute plus epic.

True Moon have released a truly brilliant album that will have verteran punks dusting off their 1980s albums whilst revelling in the updated take on a great genre of music!

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