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TURBULENT HEARTS – Self Titled Album Review


Turbulent Hearts certainly pack a punch and from the opening “1-2-3-4” of Panic they launch into some full on punk rock. Fast bass and drums are soon joined by Suzi Moon on guitar and vocals who delivers in a similar vein to Beki Bondage of long running British band Vice Squad.

Backed by Mark Johnson on bass and Jay Skowronek on drums, the tracks flow effortlessly into one another and the mixture of pace between songs certainly adds to the depth of what Turbulent Hearts have to offer. Following Panic and another full on track, Not That Kinda Girl, Never Getting Over You immediately demonstrates the change of pace and the slower side to the bands music makes for a refreshing change where track after track can just become lost in one another.

Cryin’ takes us back up to speed and another instant recognizable chorus which helps you tune in immediately and it forces the listener to join in if they want to or not. Next up id Redwood Nights, something along the Joan Jett style with pulsating bass and drums played at the perfect tempo to have you knocking your head in unison – this is good stuff.

Then The Rage shows another side to Turbulent Hearts with a perfect acoustic number where Suzi strains her vocal chords to the maximum. The lyrics confess that she is ‘only at home on the stage’ but by this point of the album I’m guessing she actually owns the stage in any Turbulent Hearts live performance.

The self titled album continues with some more solid punk rock which would certainly not have been out of place during the infamous 80s. Off of You and Crazy Girl both take the speed up a notch or two more before Notice Me slows things back down to that atmospheric, singalong tirade which again grabs you by the throat and makes you sit up and listen – a testament to a fifteen track album.

A bass solo accompanies the opening lines of Fallen in Luv before a brilliant, melodic punk rock song hits my ears. Excuses closes the album in typical upbeat mood and you are left totally satisfied by what Turbulent Hearts have served up. My next mission is to catch them live as I believe this is just a taster of what they are all about.

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