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TUSCOMA – ‘Arkhitecturenominus’ Album Review

TUSCOMA – Arkhitecturenominus

TuscomaWellington New Zealand’s, Tuscoma will release their first album Arkhitecturenominuson Antena Krzyku Records on the 16th of August 2018.

The band state that they are “Leaving behind their fun-loving past, turning over a new leaf and tapping into blistering blackened punk.”

The New Zealand duo have pieced together a raging debut album and will be touring in support of it through their home country, UK, and Europe during August, September and October.

From the distorted chords of Ariel Views Over Barcelona that launch a massive wall of noise dominated by a soaring guitar, pounding drums and a huge screamed vocal, it is clear that we are in for a treat – like Rudimentary Peni meeting Black Flag and Napalm Death on a dark night, this is one monster sound!

A Place In The World is the second of ten songs on the album and is a monster slab of dark post-hardcore sound whereas Boxlife is almost mellow in comparison with a pounding slow beat and sections that soar in speed and power. The tracks are lengthy as with Crooked Frames and that affords Tuscoma the space to explore different sonic landscapes with grindcore like sections meeting pace fuelled punk parts.  The title track, Arkhitecturenominus, opens with a super beat and riff that just bursts into view like Royal Blood on speed!

Groma lasts almost five minutes with full on aggression continued with the vocals straining every sinew as the music explores different speeds and approaches but all full of power and precision and the formula is applied to the next song, Laser Lines.

The penultimate song, Mindless Eyes sees no let up in the wall of aggressive sound and power but with a mid-paced hook providing the center-piece, Tuscoma deliver a powerhouse of a track. The album wraps with the five-minute plus Post Reflective, Mind Games and the Rudimentary Peni comparisons return with a churning riff, screamed vocals and overall dark punk-rock power.

This is not one to be filed under “easy-listening” as it is aggressive, loud, technical and power packed punk rock.


You can get your share of Arkhitecturenominus by Tuscoma here:





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