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TWIN PIGS – ‘Scandinavian Nightmare’ Album Review

TWIN PIGS – Scandinavian Nightmare

Twin PigsTwin Pigs formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015 and feature triple lead vocals as well as a synthesizer bass and they create one hell of a beautiful racket! Their sophomore album, Scandinavian Nightmare will be released on September 7th.

Opening with the simply marvelous, I Hate My Brainit is difficult to describe the sheer power created by the three vocalists, interplay between male and female leads and some seriously huge riffs all made perfect by some stop/start sections – this is great stuff folks! The title track, Scandinavian Nightmare is fifty-two seconds of 500 mph hardcore with a weirdness that stems from a back room recording with the anti-nuke, Push the Button channeling Rudimentary Peni on their Cacophony album – this is some of the best punk we have heard in ages as the band bring in a DIRT feel as well.

The sixty-three seconds of Total Narcissist 4-Ever powers along attacking the selfie-obsessed culture whereas the seventy-three seconds of Exiled In Stockholm is a raucous headbanger with a melodic chorus full of power. By now, we are completely hooked and in love with these folks, and they do not relent with Heart Emoji adding a slightly slower pace, prominent bass synth and attacks the banal internet and social media and the lengthy Gaping Headwound features a throat ripping lead vocal that will sear into your very soul with authenticity and anger replete with a cello section!

Lollipopopens with an almost glam-rock introduction replete with brass section that helps drive the song along to a rocking and rolling powerhouse and Ghost Town showcases another excellent chorus set against a creeping set of versus. Twin Pigs deliver a thought-provoking rocker with DOGS and dial things up again with the pounding and powerful Citizen with some great guitar work supporting some anti-capitalist sentiments.

The penultimate track, Human Hybrid combines some meaty riffs with ‘blips and beeps’ and a pummeling drumbeat to support the urgent, angry and screamed vocals that lead to a superb male/female combined vocal delivery that you’ll be banging your head along to! Ending with the superbly titled, Death And Hatred To Hardcore, Twin Pigs lay down a straight up punk backing to some, self-effacing fun lyrics that just nails this one down as one of the punk albums of the year.

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